CGHR research student awarded Fellowship in Public Health Policy

Congratulations to Ms. Mehak Bhatia on her acceptance into the CIHR Strategic Training Program in Public Health Policy for 2014-15.

Ms. Bhatia has produced meta-analysis research on cancer risk factors during her time at CGHR and is supervised by Dr. Jayadeep Patra and Dr. Prabhat Jha.

As a CIHR Fellow in Public Health Policy, Ms. Bhatia will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of formative mentorship experiences, including:

  1. Participation in Public Health Policy Rounds
  2. Participation in Lunch and Learns
  3. Participation in training Institutes
  4. Participation in a Research and Training Pod
  5. Submission of an end of Fellowship Report (update on your research activities in the area of public health policy)

From the Fellowship website:
“In Canada, the need for professionals trained specifically in public health policy has been identified as a top priority by government agencies at all levels. The CIHR Strategic Training Program in Public Health Policy fills this niche, providing an exciting opportunity to become intellectually and actively involved in the complex tasks demanded by public health policymaking including: policy change; policy analysis; policy assessment; and policy structures and planning. This training program promotes an active, productive and collaborative multidisciplinary community of researchers, trainees, policymakers, educators and practitioners that works and learns together to address – from a policy perspective – the key issues compromising the public’s health at local, regional, national and global levels.”

CGHR is proud to support early career researchers and wishes Ms. Bhatia the best of luck during her fellowship experience.

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