Raju Manohar Jotkar – Publications

Snakebite mortality in India: A nationally representative mortality survey.
Mohapatra B, Warrell DA, Suraweera W, Bhatia P, Dhingra N, Jotkar R, Mony P, Whitaker R, Jha P.
PLoS NTD. 2011 Apr 12; 5(4): e1018 [Epub].

Capturing the Context of Maternal Deaths from Verbal Autopsies: A Reliability Study of the Maternal Data Extraction Tool (M-DET).
Montgomery AL, Morris SK, Kumar R, Jotkar R, Money P, Bassani DG, Jha P.
PLoS One. 2011 February 7. [Epub].

Adult and child malaria mortality in India.
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The Summary Index of Malaria Surveillance (SIMS): a stable index of malaria within India.
Cohen A, Dhingra N, Jotkar R, Rodrigues P, Sharma VP, Jha P.
Popul Health Metr. 2010; 8(1): 1.

Gender inequity and age-appropriate immunization coverage in India from 1992 to 2006.
Corsi DJ, Bassani DG, Kumar R, Awasthi S, Jotkar R, Kaur N, Jha P.
BMC International Health and Human Rights. 2009 Oct 14; 9(Suppl 1): S3.

Developing clinical indicators for the secondary health system in Maharashtra, India.
Jotkar R et al.
International Journal of Quality in Health Care. 2008; 20(4): 297-303.

External Evaluation of user fee scheme in Govt. Hospitals in Maharashtra, India.
Jotkar R et al.
Arth Vijnana. 2007; XLIS(3 and 4): 275-304.

Malariometry in Ratnagiri District before & after Konkan Railway.
Jotkar R et al.
Indian Public Health Association. 1997; 41(2): 36-42.

Review of Outreach Surgical Camp Approach under Cataract Blindness Control Project.
Jotkar R.
Journal of Bombay Ophthalmic Association. 1997; 8: 193-200.

Review of cataract intervention in Maharashtra State.
Jotkar R et al.
International Journal of Ophthalmic Epidemiology. 1996; 3(1): 1-57.