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National Burden Estimates of healthy life lost in India, 2017

— November 7, 2019

This study quantifies disease burden in Indian using transparent, intuitive, and reproducible methods.

Hot Temperature Has Highest Mortality Risk, But Moderately Cold Temperature Contributed To The Most Deaths In India

— November 2, 2018

Interventions in India should focus on the effects of moderately cold temperature, which contribute to the most deaths.

Adult mortality risk in India in 2014

— November 19, 2015

New demographic view of Indian adult mortality shows a east-west differences in the country

India Causes of Death 2004-2006 Report

— May 26, 2015

Registrar General of India report publishes the Causes of Death in India for 2004-6

BMJ Coverage of the Million Death Study

— September 29, 2014

BMJ covers CGHR’s signature study the MDS, offering an in-depth explanation of the study.

Slate Magazine: Lessons from the Dead

— September 8, 2014

Slate covers the Indian Million Death Study in a interview with CGHR founding director Dr. Prabhat Jha.

Geospatial analysis of distributions of Tobacco and Alcohol use in India

— July 18, 2014

A novel geospatial look at tobacco and alcohol use across Indian districts produces a fine grain analysis

What is Killing Us? The BBC Covers the MDS in Detail

— July 16, 2014

From the BBC World Service Health Check ongoing series The Truth about Life and Death by Claudia Hammond

Tax hike on tobacco could save 25 000 lives

— June 26, 2014

40 cent per pack increase from tobacco tax is a good start, but the government can do more to avoid early deaths.

Quality Health Care with Public Funds – The Hindu

— June 11, 2014

Dr. Jha offers 6 recommendations for India’s new government to improve the health of all Indians

Three easy ways Canada can improve the health of new moms and kids

— May 23, 2014

Globe and Mail op ed: 3 ways Canada can improve the health of new moms and kids through a big investment in Big Data and health

New York Times MDS Coverage

— May 23, 2014

NYTimes World writes about the very human stories behind the process of gathering verbal autopsies for the Million Death Study

The International – A Million Deaths: differences that data can make

— February 27, 2014

The goals, progress, and direction of CGHR’s Million Death Study are profiled by

Financial Times Covers the MDS

— December 12, 2013

A recent article in the Financial Times reports on the impact of the Million Death Study and its ongoing findings.

MDS Infographics in Nature

— December 6, 2013

Nature’s online news pub features eye-catching colourful graphics explaining the concept and execution of CGHR’s Million Death Study

Million Death Study recruiting physician coders in India

— May 15, 2013

We seek MCI-registered physicians, in any specialty, to join our unique Million Death Study.

Polio Eradication is achievable and urgent, declare 400+ global scientists

— April 11, 2013

Declaration emphasizes the eradication of polio as an urgent and achievable global healthy priority

Million Death Study featured in The Globe and Mail

— January 9, 2013

The Globe and Mail describes results of the ongoing work, and how counting the dead helps the living.

Prof Jha speaks about global tobacco consumption on Al Jazeera

— July 20, 2012

Prof Jha was featured Al Jazeera, discussing the rising rates of smoking in developing countries.

Prof Prabhat Jha appointed to Order of Canada

— July 3, 2012

Director of CGHR has been appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada, one of the country’s highest civilian honours.

Prof Jha talks about sex selection on Al Jazeera

— May 18, 2012

Al Jazeera hosted Prof Jha to discuss trends of sex selection among South Asians.

Prof Jha discusses sex selection in Canada on CBC Metro Morning

— April 19, 2012

CBC panel discusses latest study showing evidence of sex selection among South/East Asians living in Canada.

CGHR Scientist wins Infectious Disease award

— April 18, 2012

Congratulations to Dr Shaun Morris, whose work on measles in India received the Sanofi Pastuer Award for Communicable Disease Epidemiology.

Million Death Study featured on CBC Radio’s Dispatches program

— April 2, 2012

Prof Jha recently interviewed on CBC’s Dispatches about the Million Death Study.

Growing economies urged to avoid private health-care models

— March 29, 2012

Professors Prabhat Jha and Dean T. Jamison reflect on lessons from the US health-care model.

Prof Prabhat Jha awarded Luther L. Terry award

— March 29, 2012

Prof Prabhat Jha honoured with the 2012 Luther L. Terry award for Outstanding Research Contribution in global tobacco control.

CGHR director featured as one of India’s leading global thinkers

— February 8, 2012

The Hindustan Times names Prof Prabhat Jha as one of India’s leading global thinkers.

Feature article in UofT Magazine

— January 11, 2012

Feature article about Professor Prabhat Jha and CGHR in UofT Magazine: Saving lives, one death at a time

CGHR paper wins 2011 Albie Award!

— January 4, 2012

CGHR paper on selective abortion wins 2011 Albie Award for best writing in global political economy.

Prabhat Jha named one of Globe & Mail’s 25 Transformational Canadians

— December 7, 2010

Founding Director of CGHR honoured by the Globe and Mail.