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Trends in female-selective abortion among Asian diasporas in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia

— September 27, 2022

Preference for sons and smaller families and, in the case of China, a one-child policy, have contributed to missing girl births in India and China over the last few decades due to sex-selective abortions. Selective abortion occurs also among Indian and Chinese diaspora, but their variability and trends over time are unknown. We examined conditional [...]

Mortality Associated with Ambient PM2.5 Exposure in India: Results from the Million Death Study

— September 14, 2022

Background: Studies on the extent to which long-term exposure to ambient particulate matter (PM) with aerodynamic diameter ≤2.5μm≤2.5μm(PM2.5PM2.5) contributes to adult mortality in India are few, despite over 99% of Indians being exposed to levels that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers unsafe. Objective: We conducted a retrospective cohort study within the Million Death Study (MDS) to [...]

Omicron BA.1/1.1 SARS-CoV-2 Infection among Vaccinated Canadian Adults

— May 19, 2022

The incidence of the omicron BA.1/1.1 variant of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), which rapidly spread worldwide even among vaccinated persons, is incompletely defined.1 We quantified the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection during the initial omicron BA.1/1.1 variant wave among Canadian adults2 and the contribution of previous infection and concurrent vaccination to age specific [...]

Child, Maternal, and Adult Mortality in Sierra Leone: Nationally Representative Mortality Survey 2018-2020

— May 5, 2022

  Background: Sierra Leone’s child and maternal mortality rates are among the highest in the world. Yet little is known about the causes of premature mortality in the country. Methods: The Countrywide Mortality Surveillance for Action platform established the Sierra Leone Sample Registration System (SL-SRS), which involved conducting electronic verbal autopsies in 678 randomly selected villages [...]

Identifying the changing age distribution of opioid-related mortality with high-frequency data

— April 26, 2022

|| Lauren A. Paul, Ye Li, Pamela Leece, Tara Gomes, Ahmed M. Bayoumi, Jeremy Herring, Regan Murray, Patrick Brown || Background Opioid-related mortality continues to rise across North America, and mortality rates have been further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This study sought to provide an updated picture of trends of opioid-related mortality for Ontario, Canada between January 2003 and December 2020, [...]

Tobacco and nicotine use

— April 4, 2022

Tobacco and nicotine use Bernard Le Foll, Megan E. Piper, Christie D. Fowler, Serena Tonstad, Laura Bierut, Lin Lu, Prabhat Jha and Wayne D. Hall Abstract | Tobacco smoking is a major determinant of preventable morbidity and mortality worldwide. More than a billion people smoke, and without major increases in cessation, at least half will [...]


— January 12, 2022

India’s national COVID death totals remain undetermined. Using an independent nationally representative survey of 0.14 million (M) adults, we compared COVID mortality during the 2020 and 2021 viral waves to expected all-cause mortality. COVID constituted 29% (95%CI 28-31%) of deaths from June 2020-July 2021, corresponding to 3.2M (3.1-3.4) deaths, of which 2.7M (2.6-2.9) occurred in [...]


— October 5, 2021

We analyzed trends in the maternal mortality ratio (MMR) from 1997 through 2020, estimated absolute maternal deaths and examined the causes of maternal death using nationally representative data sources. We estimated that 1.3 million Indian women died from maternal causes over the last two decades. Although maternal mortality rates have fallen by 70% overall, the [...]

Trends in missing females at birth in India from 1981 to 2016: analyses of 2·1 million birth histories in nationally representative surveys

— April 12, 2021

Half of the world’s missing female births occur in India, due to sex-selective abortion. It is unknown whether selective abortion of female fetuses has changed in recent years across different birth orders. We sought to document the trends in missing female births, particularly among second and third children, at national and state levels. Read the [...]

Trends in snakebite deaths in India from 2000 to 2019

— July 7, 2020

Snakebites killed 1.2 million Indians over the last 20 years

Is Malaria an Important Cause of Death among Adults?

— April 27, 2020

A U-shaped mortality age curve can be seen in Indian and African verbal autopsies

Health-care investments for the urban populations, Bangladesh and India

— January 6, 2020

India and Bangladesh need to triple their current health spending to hit SDGs.

National Burden Estimates of healthy life lost in India, 2017

— November 7, 2019

This study quantifies disease burden in Indian using transparent, intuitive, and reproducible methods.

Automated versus physician assignment of cause of death for verbal autopsies: randomized trial of 9374 deaths in 117 villages in India

— June 27, 2019

First ever comparison of automated computer coding of causes of death versus standard physician coding.

Lancet Public Health study shows that firearm mortality highest in young men and associated with race and education in the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia

— May 21, 2019

Firearms remain a leading cause of death in men aged 15-34 years – accounting for 1.4 million deaths

Trends in cause-specific mortality among children aged 5-14 years from 2005 to 2016 in India, China, Brazil, and Mexico: an analysis of nationally representative mortality studies.

— March 12, 2019

Majority of 200,000 deaths in children aged 5 to 14 in India, China, Brazil and Mexico are preventable

The impact of measles immunization campaigns in India using a nationally representative sample of 27,000 child deaths

— March 5, 2019

Continued diligence in mass immunization and direct mortality monitoring are both needed to achieve elimination of measles deaths in India.

Mortality attributable to hot and cold ambient temperatures in India: a nationally representative case-crossover study

— July 24, 2018

Public health interventions to mitigate temperature effects need to focus not only on extremely hot temperatures but also moderately cold temperatures

Deaths from cardiovascular disease rising in India, study finds

— July 13, 2018

Previously unstudied nationally, cardiac mortality is on the rise in India, especially in rural areas and young adults

Health, taxes, and poverty in 500 million male smokers

— April 11, 2018

Higher cigarette prices would save millions of people

Identifying HIV care continuum gaps using verbal autopsy

— February 6, 2018

“We have designed a verbal autopsy tool to identify and remedy gaps in the HIV care continuum.”

Nationwide Mortality Studies To Quantify Causes Of Death: Relevant Lessons From India’s Million Death Study

— November 6, 2017

Cause-of-death data can be captured at low cost, with high quality, and in a timely manner.

Divergence and convergence in cause-specific premature adult mortality in Mexico and US Mexican Hispanics from 1995 to 2015

— September 25, 2017

There is a need for ongoing attention to avoidable mortality in Mexico and among US Mexican Hispanics

Changes in cause-specific neonatal and 1-59-month child mortality in India from 2000 to 2015

— September 19, 2017

India has avoided about 1 million deaths of children under age five since 2005 but there is still more to be done.

Characterizing measles transmission in India

— August 23, 2017

Routine vaccination and supplemental immunization between 2000 and 2015 saved 1. 6 million under-five children from death

Raising taxes key to accelerate tobacco control in South Asia

— April 11, 2017

South Asian countries must prioritize higher tobacco taxation and other control measures

Renal failure deaths and their risk factors in India 2001–13

— December 13, 2016

Renal failure is a growing public health concern for India.

Childhood Cancer Mortality in India

— December 1, 2016

The burden of childhood cancer in India is substantially higher than previously suggested.

Karnataka’s Roadmap to Improved Health

— September 6, 2016

Cost effective solutions to address priority diseases, reduce poverty and increase economic growth

Trends in bidi and cigarette smoking in India 1998 to 2015

— April 6, 2016

The number of smokers is rising and cigarettes are replacing bidi in India.

Effects of body mass index, tobacco smoking, alcohol drinking and solid fuel use on the risk of asthma

— April 5, 2016

BMI, smoking, drinking and solid fuel use —combined— double or triple the risk of development of asthma. 

Causes of Death in India 2010-2013

— December 17, 2015

Registrar General of India and the Centre for Global Health Research release statistics from the Sample Registration System and MDS

Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition : Volume 3. Cancer

— November 19, 2015

Cancer control in low and middle income countries is possible and will save lives

Disease Control Priorities for Cancer control intervention in LMICs – The Lancet

— November 11, 2015

The DCP-3 Author Group presents key messages for costs, affordability, and feasibility of an essential package of cancer control

Facility Delivery, Postnatal Care and Neonatal Deaths in India: Nationally-Representative Case-Control Studies

— October 20, 2015

In India, women often seek facility delivery after complications arise, rather than to avoid complications.

Deaths from acute abdominal conditions and geographical access to surgical care in India

— August 20, 2015

Access to surgical care for time sensitive, life saving surgeries is an increasingly important topic in India.

Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke and the Risk of Tuberculosis in Children and Adults

— June 2, 2015

Patra et al publish a new systematic review and meta-analysis of second hand smoke and TB