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21st-Century Hazards of Smoking and Benefits of Cessation in the United States

— January 23, 2013

A CGHR study published in NEJM finds that smokers who quit before 40 years save a decade of their lives.

Selective abortion may account for up to 12 million missing girls in India

— May 24, 2011

Press release and video news release in Hindi

Controversial malaria mortality results from the Million Death Study

— October 21, 2010

Press release (Hindi, Oriya, Assamese) and Video News Release (Hindi)

Nearly one million annual deaths from smoking in India by 2010

— February 13, 2008

Press release (Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Tegulu) and Video News Release (Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, …