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Missing Girls in India (English)

Video news release for a recent study that found up to 13.5M missing girls in India over 3 decades as a result of selective abortion.

Trends in snakebite deaths in India from 2000 to 2019

Snakebites killed 1.2 million Indians over the last 20 years

The Moving Curve Episode 41

Dr. Jha joins The Moving Curve podcast to discuss COVID data in India

Is Malaria an Important Cause of Death among Adults?

A U-shaped mortality age curve can be seen in Indian and African verbal autopsies


CGHR is tracking the cases and mortality of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak.

Health-care investments for the urban populations, Bangladesh and India

India and Bangladesh need to triple their current health spending to hit SDGs.

Tobacco Taxation and Inequalities

IARC has published the book “Reducing social inequalities in cancer: evidence and priorities for research” with a chapter by Prabhat Jha

National Burden Estimates of healthy life lost in India, 2017

This study quantifies disease burden in Indian using transparent, intuitive, and reproducible methods.

Smoking cessation and e-cigarettes in China and India

E-cigarette regulation must prioritise smoking cessation among adults

Automated versus physician assignment of cause of death for verbal autopsies: randomized trial of 9374 deaths in 117 villages in India

First ever comparison of automated computer coding of causes of death versus standard physician coding.

Lancet Public Health study shows that firearm mortality highest in young men and associated with race and education in the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia

Firearms remain a leading cause of death in men aged 15-34 years – accounting for 1.4 million deaths

Trends in mortality among children aged 5-14 years

This is the video press release for The Lancet paper titled “Trends in cause-specific mortality among children aged 5-14 years from 2005 to 2016 in India, China, Brazil, and Mexico: an analysis of nationally…