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Raising taxes key to accelerate tobacco control in South Asia

South Asian countries must prioritize higher tobacco taxation and other control measures

“Verbal autopsies” could reveal how millions live and die

One of the biggest challenges […] is being able to get an appropriate “national sample of deaths”

Global health researchers receive QES grant

QES grant will enable global talent exchange and develop scholars

Analyses: Union Budget 2017 Tobacco Tax Increase

Tobacco tax increase in India’s Union budget 2017 is insufficient to improve public health

Tripling tobacco taxes

Key for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030

Hellen Gelband: botanist turned policy guru in global health

Profile of Hellen Gelband, The Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy’s (CDDEP) Associate Director for Policy

Renal failure deaths and their risk factors in India 2001–13

Renal failure is a growing public health concern for India.

Childhood Cancer Mortality in India

The burden of childhood cancer in India is substantially higher than previously suggested.

Statistical Alliance for Vital Events (SAVE)

What is Statistical Alliance for Vital Events (SAVE)

How Canada can help lead the way to better global health

Prof. Prabhat Jha shares his thoughts on Canada’s role in global health

Karnataka’s Roadmap to Improved Health

Cost effective solutions to address priority diseases, reduce poverty and increase economic growth

Principles of Tobacco Control

Prof. Prabhat Jha shares his thoughts on Tobacco Control.