Open Mortality

Our mission is to empower science for improving global health with the world’s information on mortality – helping the living study the dead.

Closing the Global Mortality Divide

The causes for a majority of deaths around the world are unknown. These deaths occur at home without medical attention. We collect and release data on deaths outside medical settings to improve measures of mortality – providing the foundation for large-scale evidence-based decisions and policies.

Building Healthier Futures

Death in old age is inevitable – death before old age is not. Premature deaths worldwide are preventable with lifestyle changes, treatment, and better access to healthcare. The Open Mortality project provides universal and accessible digital tools that enable doctors, scientists, researchers, and even the public, to uncover innovative interventions for reducing premature deaths and improving the quality of life for everyone.

Making it Happen

The Open Mortality project is led by the Centre for Global Health Research (CGHR) at Unity Health Toronto and the University of Toronto. It is currently released as a web prototype to a select community of users for pilot testing. We have plans to release Open Mortality to academic and research institutions, collaborators, partners, and eventually, the world.