Anteneh Tesfaye Assalif


COMSA-SL/ HEAL-SL – a survellliance project generation annual data on mortality and cause of death. Currently, it gave birth to other sub-studies rooting to improve the lives of the community.

DBMS Engine – a project aimed at extending and Integrating features in order to have a localized cost effective national brand database.

Roadmap to Addis Ababa Citywide Information Delivery and Standardisation – an effort to build a data portal that makes information generated from various offices Addis Ababa city easily and openly accessible to the public.

Project and IT Lead for HEAL-SL – managing, planning, monitoring, and evaluating project activities, crafting software requirements, programming, troubleshooting, and learning.

Served as a computer science instructor at the University of Gondar and Addis Ababa University; worked on curriculums and grants, taught undergrad students, supervised final year projects and seminars, co-advised MSc theses, trained Oracle, Python, C#, ASP.Net, Linux system administration for experts from the industry.

Interests – AI, data science
Values – contribute to efforts that positively impact humanity, born unique and will die unique