Dr. Ibrahim Bob Swaray

National Coordinator-Bio studies


(1) EBOVAC-Salone Vaccine Clinical Trial, a project co-implemented by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK and College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, University of Sierra Leone. It was a double-blined randomised-Controlled trial that investigated the safety and immunogenicity of two Ebola Vaccine (Ad26 Zebov and MVa-BN-Filo) in Adults, Children and Infants (2) The Landscape Assessment of Malaria Case-management across both private and public health sectors in Sierra Leone

A Physician-Scientist with more than ten years work experience in both clinical medicine and public health /Research. He holds an MSc in Infectious Diseases from the Liverpool School Of Tropical Medicine, UK. and PgCert. in both Vaccinology and Project Management in Global Health. He worked as the Lead Clinician and Assistant Trial Coordinator on the EBOVAC-Salone Vaccine Clinical Trial (2016-2020) and was an Indepedent Malaria Consultant for the Clinton Health Access Initiative-USA (2013-14). His research interest is in Infectious Diseases serosurveillance and vaccine immuno-monitoring