Gracia Yunruo Dong

Post-Doctoral Fellow


Enumeration of homeless populations on Vancouver Island using electronic healthcare records; Healthcare access disparities for patients with schizophrenia; quantifying the health effects of temperature in India

Gracia is a postdoctoral fellow currently working with Professor Patrick Brown (University of Toronto) and Professor Laura Cowen (University of Victoria), funded by CANSSI. Gracia completed her PhD in Statistics at the University of Waterloo, where her thesis focused on constructions of quasi-random point sets. Gracia’s current research projects include working with electronic health data to enumerate homeless populations using capture-recapture, and exploring disparities in service access for marginalized groups. She is also working on quantifying the temperature and air pollution effects on mortality and health using case-crossover models. Gracia’s other research interests include statistics education and pedagogy, and quasi-random number generation and quasi-Monte Carlo methods for numerical integration.