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Death 101: Shaping the Future of Global Health

Created in conjunction with the University of Toronto and hosted by edX.org, Death 101 looks at how mortality data shape global health. We will analyze the world’s biggest health problems by investigating causes of death.

To help the living, study the dead.

Advanced Course on Death Certification (ACDC)

Incorrect completion of death certificates is a problem that has been documented in high, middle and low-income countries worldwide. ACDC has been designed to take both new interns and experienced physicians through the principles of death certification.

What we write on a death certificate matters and we can do better.

Verbal Autopsy Training

This course is for surveyors working on a CGHR-supported project. We will look at the purpose of collecting mortality data and how to collect this data accurately and efficiently. This course will prepare you for the face-to-face training that you will need to complete.

A good verbal autopsy interview respects the respondent and captures the necessary data. It is an art.

Physician Coding Course

This course is for physicians who are supporting a CGHR mortality study. It will teach you to assign cause of death codes to verbal autopsy forms by using a carefully constructed narrative, a step-by-step process, and your best clinical judgement.

Verbal autopsy coding has a long-term impact that affects policy and saves lives. 

* Note: We are currently updating the exam bank for this course. You will not be able to complete the course until the exam bank has been updated.

Healthy Longevity Initiative Course

Coming spring 2024