What is Killing Us? The BBC Covers the MDS in Detail


What is Killing Us? The Truth about Life and Death, by BBC World Service Health Check


In the latest installment of Claudia Hammond’s six-part series examining the important issues at the beginning and the end of our lives, the BBC covers CGHR’s Million Death Study, the largest prospective study of premature mortality in the world.

“The truth of mortality is that when it comes to global figures it’s not known what people die of because more than half of the deaths in the world aren’t registered. Yet all public health programmes rely on mortality data to decide where to put resources. A lack of accurate data can mean that funding allocation is distorted. Even when data is collected, the cause of death can be incorrect and cultural factors can affect the way the forms are filled in. This isn’t a new problem as Claudia discovers …” [Listen to the full program…]

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